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Xiamen Haosen Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in Dingxu Road of  Guankou Town, in Jimei District of Xiamen. The workshops are located near the 324 National Motorway, at the 278-kilometer section. It is a very accessible place, close to the railway station, the dock and the GaoqiInternational Airport., is a leading manufacturer of plastic products in Fujian Province.

Though the company has a history of plastic manufacturing that dates back to more than forty-years ago, it has always made efforts to absorb advanced technology and new concepts in management. It has taken lead in introducing the ERP management system, bringing in the rigorous quality control system of ISO9001:2000, thus ensuring the superiority of its products, in design, material use, and utility function.

The company is developing new products to meet the market demands. Its products, usually designed in series with proper accessories for practical purpose, are capably of satisfying customers of various categories. Several products have received national patents for their designs, and many are sold to countries in Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

The company now boasts a great variety of product series, including the series of plastic circulation boxes, baskets, and containers; the series of daily use articles such as plastic desks and chairs; the series of construction fittings such as window-shades and drain-pipes; the machine-covering series and the health-care series used for hospitals. There are more than one hundred types of products, with an average annual output of about six thousand tons. 

By now, the company has received accreditation from several authorities, including the ISO 9001: 2000 Certificate of Quality Management issued by the UK SGS International Certification Institution, the ETL issued by the USA ITS Security Certification Institution, (regarded as equal to the UL accreditation). In addition, the company has been awarded by the Chinese government such certificates as Export Product Quality License and Product Hygiene License, as well as a dozen of national patent certificates.

The company has always maintained a close relationship with other manufacturers, such as theXiaxing Motorcycle, Xoceco TV, FAW. Soueast Car, Gulong Group, HQB and Ching Luh Shoes, cooperating with them in product development and component processing. The manufacturing materials employed range from PP, PE, PS, ABS, HIPS, PVC, PA6, PA66 to POM. High-property materials for fiber reinforcement, weather and fire resistance (up to 94-VO grade) and static electricity proof are also used.

The company believes that quality lies in professionalism, and honesty brings success. It will continue to exert efforts to enhance its professionalism and specialty. With the principle of “regarding what the customers need as our priority”, the company will continue to promote its brand name of “Haosen”